The Secret to Buying Great Expired Domains

Complete guide to everything you wanted to know about expired domains

A must read for every domain investor, domain parker, online marketer and seo guru

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Expired Domains, the complete guide

Is This Book For You?

Domain Investor
You buy domains with the goal of selling them to other domainers and end users. You care mostly about the length, number of words and brandability of the domain. Your portfolio has a large portion of .com domains while you do dabble in some other tlds too.
Domain Parker    
You buy domains with the primary purpose of making money through parking them or building them into microsites. You may also sell the domains, but are content to hold them as long as it takes. You love domains with natural organic and type in traffic.
Online Marketer
You market your business or an affiliate business online. You buy high authority domains to build websites where customers can directly buy products you market. You care about domains with backlinks from the niche you work in.
SEO Guru                  
Your goal is to dominate the search engine rankings and love domains that have high levels of trust and authority with great equity passing backlinks. You buy domains for their links and metrics to use for a 301 redirect or for building a PBN

Chapter List

Chapter One

Expired Domains Glossary

A glossary of all terms that you come across in the book

Chapter Two

Lifecycle of a domain

When does a domain expire? What do different status mean?

Chapter Three

History of domaining

Brief information on the early days of domaining

Chapter Four

Who buys expired domains?

Different categories of people who buy expired domains

Chapter Five

Why you should buy expired domains?

Why buying expired domains is a lucrative business

Chapter Six

Understanding nouns, verbs and adjectives

Welcome back to English Grammar for Domaining

Chapter Seven

Com v/s other tlds

How the King of domains compares to the others

Chapter Eight

Understanding Domain Parking

How to make recurring revenue through Domain Parking Services

Chapter Nine

Looking at Traffic & Backlinks for revenue

Metrics to look at for buying good domains for parking

Chapter Ten

How Keywords volume and CPC comes into play

Understanding Keywords volument & CPC to buy good domains for parking

Chapter Eleven

Page Rank is dead. Long live Page Rank.

History of metrics: Why PR is the best and the worst thing to happen to the domain industry

Chapter Twelve

Understand metrics: Majestic, Moz, Alexa & more

Look at what metrics have become popular in recent times and how to spot manipulations

Chapter Thirteen

Spam check in 4 quick steps

How to do a spam check for a domain in 4 easy and quick steps using a free tool

Chapter 4teen

Buying from auctions

List of best domain auctions, how they work and effective bidding strategies

Chapter Fifteen

Using backorder services

List of various backordering services, how they compare and useful strategies

Chapter Sixteen

Manually catching drops

Tools for manually catching dropped domains and how they compare

Chapter 7teen

Buying from Archives

Scavenging large archived lists of overlooked expired domains

Chapter 8teen

Using Xenu Link Sleuth

Using Xenu Link Sleuth to find expired domains with great back links

Chapter 9teen

Expired domain services

Using services that list down domains that are going to expire

Chapter Twenty

Building your own solution

Building a custom solution to find and buy expired domains

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