Chapter 6: Understanding nouns, verbs and adjectives


In the previous chapters we have gone over a basic introduction on domains. However, one important question is, what can you do to pick a good domain name? The answer to this question is choosing the best nouns, verbs, and adjectives. That’s the key to choosing good domain names. If you think about it, the domain names that are easier to remember typically include just one-word nouns, adjectives or verbs. That’s what you should aim for when deciding your domain name. Try to get a one-word domain that is easy to remember and is related to the purpose of your domain. If this is not possible, try looking for two-word domains, usually a noun preceded by a related verb or adjective.

For example, you could pick, if you wanted to add an adjective you could try or If you were interested in using a verb and a noun you could try or

You can try this with as many nouns and adjectives as you can. You must remember that domain names should be easy to remember and also self-describing. If you go to, you know you are looking for rented books, not purchases. If someone was looking to buy a specific book, but your website’s name is, that person probably would not check your site because he or she is interested in buying, not renting. Because of this, it is important to be cautious with noun combination. Let people know what your website is about without being too specific.

What is NOT a good domain name is when you see non-related words stuck together with a .net stuck on the end. Great domains have certain characteristics. It all depends on how far you want to dig.  Most one word domain names have already been mined. However, many two word domains names can still be found. So pick a noun and add to it.

If you want a good domain name, try to use words that relate to each other. Try instead of If there is no relation between nouns with adjectives and verbs, you are pushing people away from your site. A good domain name contains certain elements that you must figure out depending on what you want to do with your site. Remember, although it might look like some nouns are too ordinary, you can find the right combination if you pick a good adjective or verb. The key to finding the perfect domain name is finding a good noun, once you do that, you have taken a huge first step.