Chapter 20: Building your own solution


Build your own Expired Domain Tool

Building your own scraper tool is a viable option for those that are talented enough to either build their own software or hire a programmer.  The following are some pro’s and con’s on undertaking a project such as this.


  • Start your own domain selling business and start making money today.
  • Save hundreds of dollars from domain auctions. Domain Auctions can really get expensive.
  • Save money from paying expensive monthly expired domain subscriptions.
  • Scrape as often as you like with no limits.
  • Save money from paying expensive domain brokers.
  • Save time from waiting for domain brokers to scrape your domains.


1. You have to have some knowledge in programming to build the software. Knowledge of: Ruby, PHP, software architecture, just to name a few. Unless you want to hire a programmer which brings you all sorts of challenges which are…
2. Time. Whether if you create the tool or hire a programmer, do you have the time or patience to want to take on building the software to your specs and maintaining any ongoing issues? Again time is, as they say money and not to mention your time is valuable.
3. API for metrics cost a lot – The lowest plan for Majestic’s API will set you back by $400 per month.

Hire a Programmer to create your tool

For those that don’t have the programming skills or don’t have the time there are places on the net that you could hire a programmer to create your scraper tool. Places such as or (Formerly Elance and Odesk) are great for finding a programmer to build you such a tool.

Of course you need to do your own diligence when dealing with outsourcing and carefully screen out the bad candidates that will take your money and not complete your projects. However, in most cases you should be able to find a suitable person to create your scraper tool and I also suggest you to stipulate in the contract for them to do updates to the software on an ongoing basis.

Internet Marketers who have already built their own scraper tool

It’s true, there are those that have already built their own domain scraper tool. Some are selling monthly subscriptions while others offer to sell at a one-time price. Here is a roundup of the some of the more popular tools on the market:

  • Domainspoon – Monthly subscription
  • DomRipper – Monthly subscription
  • Domain Miner – Monthly subscription
  • Project Lazarus – One-time price
  • Oxs Domain Scraper – One-time price
  • Domain Reanimator – Monthly subscription
  • PBN Lab – Monthly subscription
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer – Monthly subscription

How about a Free option? I thought you would
Jon Haver of Authority Website Income has built his own scraper tool. He has built a much simpler tool using the power of Excel, while not as feature laden as the above scraper tools, it’s still worth mentioning. You can find more information and get the tool for FREE here.