The Expired Domains Book

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction For Newbies

Chapter 1: Expired domains glossary

Chapter 2: Lifecycle of a domain

Chapter 3: History of expired domains

Chapter 4: Who buys expired domains?

Chapter 5: Why should you buy expired domains?

Section 2: Evaluating Expired Domains For Investors

Chapter 6: Understanding nouns, verbs and adjectives

Chapter 7: Com v/s other tlds

Section 3: Evaluating Expired Domains For Parking

Chapter 8: Understanding Domain Parking

Chapter 9: Looking at Traffic & Backlinks for Parking revenue

Chapter 10: How Keywords volume and CPC comes into play

Section 4: Evaluating Expired Domains For SEO

Chapter 11: Page Rank is dead. Long live Page Rank.

Chapter 12: Understand metrics: Majestic, Moz, Alexa, SEMrush, SimilarWeb

Chapter 13: Spam check your expired domains. Here’s how.

Section 5: Buying Expired Domains

Chapter 14: Buying from auctions

Chapter 15: Using backorder services

Chapter 16: Manually catching drops

Chapter 17: Domains from Archives

Section 6: Using software to save time

Chapter 18: Using Xenu Link Sleuth

Chapter 19: Using services that list expired domains

Chapter 20: Building your own solution

BONUS Chapters:

Chapter 21: Using Google Operators for Locating Expired Domains